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Application of stainless steel welded mesh

Feb 25, 2016

 Stainless steel welding piece is also called stainless steel welded mesh,stainless steel welded mesh is widely used because it has the advantages of simple structure, fast production, beautiful and practical,easy to transport and so on. It is mainly used for supermarket shelves, building mesh reinforcement, breeding, etc.. 

   The construction of the stainless steel welded mesh is convenient, it guarantees the quality.Welded wire mesh are produced in the factory according to the design drawings, the site of the pavement construction. So compared with the traditional field manual binding. It not only ensures the engineering quality, and speed up the construction progress and shorten the construction period.

   Stainless steel welded mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, culture, construction, transportation, mining and so on.Such as machine protective cover, animal livestock fence, garden fence, supporting the balcony, channel fences, poultry cages, Sheng egg baskets and home office food basket, basket and decorative.Ordinary stainless steel welded mesh can be used for network and GJ board partition network construction industry, it is the ideal material for high-rise building model.

   Application examples of stainless steel welded mesh:

   Standard Specification for stainless steel welded mesh:mesh 50mm (2 inches), wire diameter of 1mm, width is 1.2 and 1.5 m,it can be customized according to the needs of the project, it can play a protective effect on the glass wool and insulation.

   The new mink cage

   New mink cage net hole is 1 inch, wire diameter is about 2mm, management is simple, a net cage of the surface is smooth, it will not scratch the mink, galvanized wire net amount of zinc is uniform, it is not easy to rust, new mink cages are more convenient to use and mink living environment is more comfortable, and before mink equal sized cage compared to the price is also a lot of benefits, but overall performance is not affected in any way, but it is better.

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