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What material kitchen chopping boards is good?

Feb 25, 2016

 Kitchen chopping boards are the indispensable kitchen objects,even in today's technologically advanced,The frequency of using kitchen chopping boards is very high in the kitchen.All commonly used kitchen chopping boards are generally dominated by wood, with the progress of science and technology, kitchen chopping board has more and more different materials, so good to block what material? The following Sina decoration to grab the foreman to introduce, the home of the chopping block material difference.

   Kitchen chopping boards---Wood chopping block

   The wooden board is that we often use,and the material of it is very thick,and wood chopping block of material is very thick, toughness is very strong, and the use is very strong, but because made of wood chopping wood lot, so don't pick a good and some wooden cutting board also contains toxic substances, and like the black cypress, and it also has peculiar smell,it will pollute the vegetable dishes, it is easy to cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness symptoms. And some loose wooden chopping board (poplar) hardness is not high enough, it easy to crack and surface easy to form scar, cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to accumulate dirt, the breeding of bacteria, contamination of food. When the wood chopping block buy choose the regular manufacturers, the quality will be guaranteed.

   Kitchen chopping boards---Bamboo chopping board

   Bamboo chopping board though lighter than wood, and it is not easy to fake, so the quality is relatively stable, use more secure, but bamboo chopping board density Ji wood cutting boards, and thickness is not enough, many of which are spliced, so the bamboo chopping board in use when not pounding. Plate of a small part of the whole bamboo extended surface on the top of the market, the chopping block surface without the use of chemical reagents, and is not easy to crack, but the price is a little high, it is a new choice for the health and environmental protection.

   Kitchen chopping boards---plastic cutting board

   Compared with the front two kind of material cutting board, plastic chopping block weight is lighter, more convenient to carry, but plastic chopping block is easy to deformation, so at the time of purchase to pay attention to see and touch, some coarse texture dry plastic chopping block is easily cut foam residue, with the food into the human body, it causes damage to the liver and kidney.

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