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Using wooden chopping block too much is harmful to health

Feb 25, 2016

  In the purchase of the wooden chopping block,don't buy that color, especially white, it is best to smell the smell of the wooden chopping board,if there is a sour smell, it is likely is sulfur fumigation bleached, or adhesive, bonding glue containing harmful substances.The best choice is no glue, which is completely taken by the bolt connection process or bamboo reinforced bamboo chopping board.. 

   When cutting cooked food,Many families usethe traditional wooden chopping block, but there are a lot of young people love plastic board.In fact, disease enters by the mouth.,wooden chopping block is easy to chip off, while the plastic chopping board is easy to breed bacteria. Nowadays, there is a bamboo chopping board on the market, it is not only lightweight, smooth, and antibacterial function..

   Relative to the wooden chopping block, plastic boards, bamboo cutting boards are more secure.The Great Hall of the people, senior nutrition catering staff Chen Linsheng introduced:traditional wooden cutting board is not safe,such as the wooden chopping block which is made of black cypress.Because the black cypress containing toxic substances,it will pollute the cut cooked dishes, it is easy to cause vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and other symptoms.

   And some wooden chopping block that is loose, its surface is easy to produce marks, if the cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to shelter evil people and practices, the breeding of bacteria, contamination of food.Although plastic chopping board is beautiful and light, but if it is not dry bacteria is easy to breed. It is not suitable for the used for cutting cooked food.By high temperature and high pressure processing, bamboo chopping board has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, wear resistance, hardness, good toughness, etc..It is easy to use, health, smell fragrance. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, bamboo is sweet, cold, and has a certain inhibition of bacterial reproduction. So, cut cooked, bamboo chopping board is an ideal choice..

    Even with a bamboo chopping board, in every finished chopping vegetables, we are the best chopping board to disinfect, we can use the following method: washing and ironing method, with hard brush and water scrub cutting board, then blanched in boiling water, put in the sun to dry, not to bacteria to inhabit the land; scraper leaching salt method.

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