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The maintenance method of the large wooden chopping board

Feb 25, 2016

 The large wooden chopping board is a kind of high density, high toughness, strong artifacts.In restaurants or hotels, the chopping board is also called is a job, it is responsible for cutting food, it is called "cut pier".But because there are many kinds of large wooden chopping board, it is not easy to choose, some wooden boards (such as Wu Baimu) containing toxic substances. And it has peculiar smell, by cutting it will pollute the dishes, and it is easy to cause the vomiting, abdominal pain and dizziness symptoms.There are some wooden chopping board that is loose, such as Yang Mucai board, the hardness is not enough, easy to crack, the surface easy to produce marks, the cleaning is not thorough, it is easy to filth, the breeding of bacteria, contamination of food. Therefore, suggested that members of the public to choose the best the comprehensive quality is good fruit, saponin wood, birch or willow made of boards.Before buying, it is best to smell the smell of the chopping board, if there is a sour smell, is likely to contain sulfur, don't buy it.

   1, put the clean water in the disk which can be put into the market of the large wooden chopping board, plastic plate is the best (not wood cutting boards can be, salt in water (more than half a catty, catty, depending on how much you drain and set) and mixing evenly, and then placed in wooden cutting board, continuous immersion a month.

   2, a month later, remove the large wooden chopping board and dry it, then boil vegetable oil, cloth stained with oil evenly spread on both sides of the large wooden chopping board.

   3, a few days later, until dry wood cutting boards,cut a shallow channel on the side of the large wooden chopping board with a knife, and along the cut of the shallow ditch the wood cutting boards tightly tied with a relatively coarse wire.

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