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Some basic knowledge on kitchen cutting board

Feb 25, 2016

  When cutting vegetables, the board is under the vegetables is kitchen cutting board.The chopping board is necessary for our family, it is to be used in each restaurant. With wood based boards on the market, but because it is easy to wear and tear, in recent years. It also appeared the plastic chopping board.

   B: how to choose the kitchen cutting board?

   At present,the chopping board on the market have a common in bamboo, wood and plastic.

   1 bamboo chopping board:

   Advantages: qualified bamboo cutting boards should be made of natural plant, material is strong and not easy to crack or dregs, smooth surface is clean, it is not easy to catch the other colors, it is not easy to breed bacteria, dirt is not easy to stuffed in a crevice, relatively clean, clean up is also more convenient, it is easy to dry, it is not easy to mildew, produce peculiar smell, it is a good choice.

   Disadvantages: fly in the ointment is that, due to insufficient thickness, it is more splicing, when in use, it cannot withstand the pounding, so it's best to use vegetable or fruit, mince meat, it is not suitable; in addition, bamboo chopping board is sticking together with bamboo, some of the black heart of the factory in order to reduce the cost, use inferior adhesive, which often contain certain formaldehyde and benzene, it is also harmful to the human body, when buying, should pay attention to, not only to see with the eyes, hands to touch, but also with the nose to smell.

   2, wooden kitchen cutting board:

   Advantages: wooden board material is very thick, strong toughness, it is suitable for cutting meat or some solid food.
   Disadvantages: it is easy to use, chop wood residue, mixed eat into the body in the meat, come down for a long time is harmful to health. In addition, the quality of wood chopping board with a long time, cut marks easily accumulate dirt, clean not easily, and some wood, such as poplar itself it is easy craze, be used repeatedly, it is more easy to breed bacteria. As a result of the strong water absorption of wood cutting board, it is not easy to dry, if long time in moist environment, it is easy to mold. It leads to the occurrence of intestinal diseases.

   In addition, some people say that the best material of kitchen cutting board is excentrodendron hsienmu.

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