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Maintenance of solid wood chopping board

Feb 25, 2016

 Solid wood chopping board is divided into a multilayer solid wood composite board and three layers of solid wood composite board.Horizon solid wood composite board the floor is divided into more than one layer of wood, the wood is not the same wood layer, the surface is more than the sale of timber by the name of the wood.

   Solid wood chopping board is divided into a number of wood floors, wood floor of the wood is not the same, the surface is more wood for the sale of the name of the wood, the following wood composite floors are mostly used for high hardness of other wood. For example, pine, willow.Solid wood chopping board is suitable for geothermal heating floor. Because the solid wood composite board is a multi layer structure, the thermal expansion force of the geothermal energy is relieved, and the effect of the buffering effect is equivalent to the buffering effect.Wood three layer composite board is only three, the surface of the material, which is said to the floor, usually for other materials.

   Maintenance of solid wood chopping board:

   1, keep the floor dry, clean. Do not allow the use of dripping mop the floor, or with alkaline water, soap and water cleaning, to avoid damage to the paint surface gloss.

   2, every one or two months to play a wax, remember before waxing wipe the stains on the ground.

   3, avoid direct sun exposure, so as to avoid premature aging, cracking of the floor.

   4, if the board inadvertently stained stains should be cleared in time, if the glue stains, use cloth dipped in warm water and a small amount of washing powder washing, if the drug or pigment must not penetrate wood surface before the stain can be removed, so as not to damage the floor.

   5, the floor as far as possible to avoid contact with water for a long time, once there is water, we should promptly dry.
   Solid wood composite floor maintenance is mainly to keep dry, to avoid contact with water for too long time.

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