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Introduction of white chopping board

Feb 25, 2016

   Do youknow white chopping board?

   Characteristics of white chopping board:Its density is low; the toughness is good (it is equally applicable to low temperature); its tensile is good; electrical and dielectric insulation is good, bibulous rate is low; water vapor permeability is low; chemical stability is good; it has the tensile resistance; it is nontoxic and harmless.

   Specifications of white chopping board:Sheet: thick x wide x long =2 ~ 150mmx1000mmx2000mm; length arbitrary.
Bar: X diameter long =20 ~ 200mmx1000mm

   Color of white chopping board: white

   Texture of material:Plastic

   Price segment:10-20 element


   Product time to market:March 2015

   Life tips about white chopping board:

   White chopping board which is used for a period of time is easy to produce bending phenomenon,we can use both hands to hold boards at both ends, in the fire roasted for a while (not too close to the fire), then forced toward the reverse pulling, placed in the flat, with weight pressing, cooling becomes smooth.Wipe a little vinegar on the white chopping board and put it in the sun to dry, and then wash with water to scrub it clean, it is not easy to have peculiar smell.With onions or ginger to wipe the board, and then washed with cold water, and brush, we can remove the smell.The family only purchase a chopping board, it seems to be the norm, regardless of the cut vegetables, meat, or do the little food, which are carried out in a chopping board, which is very healthy, so the family to purchase 2 ~ 3 pieces of boards is appropriate.After using and cleaning the board, we should put it vertically placed, not flat. When in use, plastic cutting board is easy to slide and, if used in the chopping board bottom of tile a wet rag. It can make the smooth but not to slide.

   The above is about the introduction of white chopping board.Do you have any good block can be introduced to us, come and share with me the door.

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