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How to maintain the large wooden chopping boards?

Feb 24, 2016

 Now, the chopping board on the market also has a variety of materials,so the most common chopping block is that several:bamboo chopping board, plastic cutting boards and the large wooden chopping boards.Today we explain the large wooden chopping boards,what are we going to do to give it for maintenance, in fact, when we use the chopping block, we often do not pay attention the chopping block and its maintenance,so let's just take a look at it.

   How to maintain the large wooden chopping boards?

   In daily life,when we use the large wooden chopping boards,we should also pay attention to distinguish food materials, food and lettuce is cannot be placed in a block, we can first solve the lettuce, we must the chopping board to be cleaned, because this woodiness material produced by the chopping block, bacteria is very easy to seep to the surface in the chopping block, so at this point we also don't be careless, if conditions allow, we also can buy two large wooden chopping boards, a used to solve the lettuce and another for cutting cooked food.

   Then the second maintenance coup is pay attention to clean,after using this block, we must clean the large wooden chopping boards.If it is used to cut meat or fish, such as food, these types of food will leave a great smell,then, as this case,we can use salt water to bubble the large wooden chopping boards for a while,then take it out and wash with water, so that we will not smell the chopping block.

   As daily necessities in our daily life,there are also a lot of water stains above the large wooden chopping boards,so in situations like this, the the large wooden chopping boards will appear moldy and rotten phenomenon,after finished using the board, we clean the chopping block with a clean cloth,then dry it, and then place it in a well ventilated place,in this way, we will not block rot, mildew phenomenon.  

   Do you have any other good maintenance methods of the large wooden chopping boards?


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