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Special review plan of “important organic compounds”

Feb 24, 2016

   Teaching objectives of“important organic compounds”

   1,by analysising of nearly five years of college entrance examination questions,to understand the knowledge of organic chemistry and organic chemistry.

   2, according to the syllabus and analysis summary Zhenti, hot and error prone, and forecast the questions of this year.

   3, according to the analysis, summed up the need to master the knowledge, common problem-solving ideas and methods. Learn to avoid mistakes, and regulate the answer.

   Important organic compounds---five years of college entrance examination questions to reproduce

   07) 11. Which of the following statements is correct is ( )

   A. ethylene simple structure type can be expressed CH2CH2

   B. benzene, ethanol and acetic acid can substitution reaction occurred

   C. grease can make solution of bromine in carbon tetrachloride faded

   D. liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas is the main component is methane

   08)12. The following statements are correct( )

   A. gasoline, diesel oil and vegetable oil are hydrocarbons

   B. ethanol can be oxidized to acetic acid, the two can occur esterification reaction.

   C. methane, ethylene and benzene in industry can by oil fractionation by

   D. containing five carbon atoms of the organic matter, each molecule up to form 4 a C-C single bond

   Important organic compounds---analysis of the test in the past five years

   In the college entrance examination,the knowledge of important organic compounds is mainly presented in the form of choice, and the problem is less difficult.

   The test shows of important organic compounds

   Common organic compounds and their applications:

   (1) understanding the bond characteristics of carbon in organic compounds. Understanding of the isomers of organic compounds (2) to understand the main properties of organic compounds such as methane, ethylene, benzene. (3) understanding the important role of ethylene, vinyl chloride, benzene derivatives in the chemical production. (4) to understand the composition and main properties of ethanol and acetic acid and its important applications. (5) understanding of the type (6) of the above mentioned organic compounds to understand the composition and main properties of carbohydrate, fat and protein, and its important application. (7) understanding of the synthesis and application of common polymer materials. (8) the comprehensive application of the above knowledge.


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