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Several common inorganic compounds

Feb 24, 2016

 Several common inorganic compounds---carbon dioxide

   It is a colorless, non smelly gas, it has a sour taste, it is soluble in water (volume ratio 1:1), the part of the formation of carbonic acid. Gas carbon dioxide is used for soda industry, sugar industry, and for steel castings and other manufacturing ceruse quenching.

   Several common inorganic compounds---sulphuric acid

   Pure sulfuric acid is a colorless, odorless oily liquid, in solution, it emits a lot of heat, it is a kind of high boiling point to the volatile acid, soluble in water, it can take any more than is mixed with water soluble. Its chemical properties are: water absorption, dehydration, strong oxidation, difficult to volatile, acid and stability.

   Several common inorganic compounds---sodium hydroxide

   Pure anhydrous sodium hydroxide is white, translucent, crystalline solid. Sodium hydroxide is very soluble in water, its solubility increases with the increase of temperature, dissolved, it can release a lot of heat. Its water solution is astringent and soapy, in alkaline solution, it has all the characteristics of alkali.

   Several common inorganic compounds---calcium oxide

   Properties: white or gray block or granule. It is sensitive to moisture. It is easy to absorb carbon dioxide and water from the air. Which is soluble in water and generate calcium hydroxide, at the same time, it produces a lot of heat, which is soluble in acid, glycerol and sucrose solution, almost insoluble in ethanol. Relative density is 3.32 ~ 3.35. Melting point is 2572. The boiling point is 2850. 1.838 refractive index. It is corrosive.

   Several common inorganic compounds---Copper chloride

   It is crystal blue green orthorhombic, it is poisonous. In the humid air, it is easy to deliquescence in dry air, it is easy to weathering. It is soluble in water, alcohol, ammonia and acetone. Its aqueous solution is weakly acidic. It is used in paints, wood preservation industry, and is used as a disinfectant, mordant, catalyst. Because the copper chloride can irritate the skin and cause irritation of the eyes, dust, conjunctival ulcer.So production personnel to wear overalls, wearing masks, gloves and other protective equipment, production equipment confined, the workshop must be well ventilated.

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