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Introduction of “common chemicals”

Feb 23, 2016

   “Common chemicals”is an example of teaching materials, it is based on the Ministry of education, College of agriculture and Forestry Science Foundation Curriculum Teaching Steering Committee put forward the "strengthening the foundation, reform and innovation, demonstration teaching materials."The whole book is divided into 12 parts, the 5 chapter, which mainly describes the basic principles and applications of the existence state of the material, the microstructure of the material and the change of the material chemistry.

   Content abstract of “common chemicals”: Main contents include basic chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, atomic structure, molecular structure and cooperation structures as well as the four major balance etc., at the same time, in order to strengthen the students' overall understanding of chemistry, understand chemistry for the role and contribution of human society into the and life science, environmental science, materials science related to some chemical achievements,and pay attention to the chemistry and agriculture and other professional links and applications,in order to stimulate students' interest in learning, make the students to know the chemical phenomena around them.

   With the "common chemicals" also supporting the general chemistry learning and multimedia courseware.Common chemicals can be used as the general chemistry teaching material for undergraduates majoring in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery.

   General Chemistry (postgraduate entrance examination guidance in agricultural and forestry universities)

Book author: Ren Liping, Sun Ying

Publisher: China Agriculture Press

ISBN: 7109098176

Publication time: 2005-9-1

Price (RMB): 13

   On the basis of the first edition, According to the teaching plan of non chemical specialty in Higher Vocational Education and the teaching outline of chemistry, the teaching practice in recent years,“Common chemicals(Second Edition)”is revised.The book includes introduction, material structure and the periodic law of elements, material, common metal elements and their compounds, common nonmetallic element and its compounds, the rate of reaction and chemical equilibrium, electrolyte solution, organic compounds and hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon derivatives, chemical and materials, chemical and energy, chemical and food nutrition and student experiment.

   “Common chemicals(Second Edition)”focuses on the teaching characteristics of higher vocational education, highlighting the practical and practical, and implement the "necessary and sufficient" principle, pay attention to the relevant new knowledge, new technologies, new materials and new technology introduction.

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