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How to distinguish organic and inorganic substances?

Feb 23, 2016

 How to distinguish organic and inorganic substances?It is containing carbon compounds (carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonate, metal carbides and a few simple containing carbon compounds except) or hydrocarbons and their derivatives in general, organic matter is the material basis of life.

   How to distinguish organic and inorganic substances?Most organic compounds mainly containing carbon, hydrogen, in addition also often contain oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and halogen, phosphorus etc.. Part of the organic matter from the plant kingdom, but most is to oil, natural gas and coal as raw material, through the synthetic method of.

   How to distinguish organic and inorganic substances?Compared with inorganic materials,the number of organic matter is many, it can reach millions. Very strong binding capacity of organic compounds of carbon atoms, each other can be combined into a carbon chain or the carbon ring. The number of carbon atoms can be 1, 2, is thousands, tens of thousands, many organic compounds even to have hundreds of thousands of carbon atoms. In addition, generally isomerism in organic compounds, which is caused by one of the reasons for many organic compounds.

   How to distinguish organic and inorganic substances?Except for a small number of organic compounds, generally burning. And over inorganic materials, their poor thermal stability, electrolyte is easy to be decomposed by heating. Organic compounds of low melting point, is generally not more than 400 DEG C. The polarity of the organic matter is very weak, so most of the insoluble in water. The reaction between organic matter, mostly intermolecular reaction, often requires some activation energy, so the slow response, often requires a means of catalyst. And the reaction of organic matter is complicated, under the same conditions, a compound can often several different reaction and formation of different products at the same time.

   How to distinguish organic and inorganic substances?Inorganic generally refers to compounds of carbon element other than the elements, such as water, salt, sulfuric acid, lime. But some simple carbon compounds such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonate, carbonate and carbides, because of the similarity of their composition and properties of inorganic compounds, so as inorganic research. The vast majority of inorganic matter can be classified as oxide, acid, alkali, salt.

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