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Distinguish between organic and inorganic compounds

Feb 23, 2016

  Do you know the distinguish between organic and inorganic compounds?

   distinguish between organic and inorganic compounds---inorganic matter

   Inorganic compounds are generally referred to as compounds that do not contain carbon.A small number of carbon containing compounds also belong to inorganic substances, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonate, cyanide, etc.. The inorganic substance can be divided into oxide, acid, alkali, salt and so on.

   distinguish between organic and inorganic compounds---organic compound

   Definition:Compounds containing carbon, or hydrocarbons and their derivatives are called organic compounds.

   1 at present, there are about 9000000 kinds of known organic matter, which is far more than that of inorganic matter.

   2 in the pastorganic which are known have been made in organisms such as plants, so they are called organic compounds.By 1820s, scientists have used inorganic synthetic many organic compounds, such as urea, acetic acid, fat, etc., thereby breaking the organic matter can only be obtained from the concept of. However, due to the reasons of history and habits, people still use the name of the organic matter.

   3 organic matter is generally difficult to dissolve in water, it is easy to dissolve in organic solvent, its melting point is lower.The vast majority of organic matter is easy to decompose and burn. Organic reactions are generally slow and often accompanied by side reactions.

   4 the types of organic matter is various, it can be divided into two categories of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon derivatives. According to the different functional groups in organic molecules, it is divided into alkanes, olefins, acetylene, aromatic hydrocarbons and alcohols, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, esters and so on. According to the carbon frame structure of organic molecule, it can be divided into three kinds: open chain compounds, carbon ring compounds and heterocyclic compounds.

   distinguish between organic and inorganic compounds---organic food

   Organic food that comes from organic agricultural production system, according to the International Federation of organic agriculture production requirements and the corresponding standards of production, processing and through an independent certification body of organic food certification of all agricultural and sideline products, including grain, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, livestock products, honey, aquatic products, spices, etc..

   The distinguish between organic and inorganic compounds is the above aspects.

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