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What is Steel hat channel?

Feb 19, 2016

 The steel hat channel  is called pipe plug or head. The pipe fittings are welded on the pipe ends or are arranged on the outer thread of the pipe end to cover the pipe. Used to close the pipeline, the same role with the plug. The cap channel includes the design of convex cap, conical shell, reducer, flat cover and tight mouth. The convex cap includes a hemispherical, oval disc cap, cap and spherical cap. From the stress angle convex cap from the hemispherical cap is not good, but from look on the manufacturing difficulty, has good manufacturing.

Description of steel hat channel

  1. It adopts stepless variable speed drive, including manual type and automatic type, to fabricate different channel panels, ensuring high precision and stable performance.
    2. According to the customer's requirements, there are three options for the production process
        pre-punching and pre-cutting type (punching – cutting- pressing),
        pre-punching and post-cutting type  (punching – pressing - cutting),
        post-punching and post cutting type (pressing – punching - cutting).
    3. Our channel roll forming machine can be designed according to the drawings and requirements provided by our client.
          When splicing, the direction of the weld seam is only allowed to be radial and circumferential. After the large steel hat channel may cancel this request. Stitching distance there should be a requirement, for greater than 3 Delta and not less than 100mm (welding heat affected zone is a high stress area, and will be a burning in the area of chemical composition. So to avoid high stress area, the area is related to the thickness. According to practical experience, the stress attenuation length is greater than 3, and not less than 100mm. But it is difficult to meet the requirements of refrigeration equipment, has its particularity.
         After the assembly of the head, the welding seam should be 100% - ray or ultrasonic testing, the level of equipment with the equipment to go. Finally, the welding seam inspection level, ratio and equipment shell the same, the high one is wasty.

          Steel hat channel may be grouped as follows:ordinary steel hat channel,screw steel hat channel ,card sleeve steel hat channel,clamp steel hat channel,socket steel hat channel,adhesive steel hat channel,hot steel hat channel,the rubber ring connection type steel hat channel.

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