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Types of offshore oil drilling rig

Feb 19, 2016

Offshore oil drilling rig is a platform for operation, oil drilling and production, which is mainly divided into drilling platform and production platform.A drilling equipment is arranged on the oil drilling rig,and set oil production equipment on the production platform.The platform is connected with the bottom of the sea floor with riser. Well, oil drilling is civil, of course, it can also be understood as a strategic material reserves. But the US military has put the radar on the semi submersible platform.

   Offshore oil drilling rig is a product of the oil mining industry to enter the water. The most primitive of the offshore oil drilling rig can't even said for offshore platforms, but lake (1891, St. Mary lake, Ohio) platform, the structure of the wood, the operating depth is even only 1.5m.To put it plainly,it is to add a layer of onshore derrick steps.Since it can be in the lake, but also in the sea, to the present, the marine platform has developed into a high value-added, high-tech industrial facilities.The form is varied,and almost every new type of platform appears to be working in a deeper sea area.

   The first offshore oil drilling rig is the jacket platform (Jacket), which is suitable for shallow coastal waters.Jacket platform can be regarded as the most original, the most direct measure of drilling equipment and the bottom of the sea.Steel piles penetrate into the bottom of the sea, and they are combined with a plurality of root conduits.The jacket is made well in advance.Put it hauled to the offshore installation in place, and then along the pipe pile, pile is playing a festival a festival of,finally, cement slurry is poured into the annular gap between the pile and the conduit,the pile is fixed to the bottom of the sea by the pile and the conduit.The top platform is mounted on the jacket, it is higher than the height of the work area.The height must be according to local sea conditions and decide, generally about 4-5m higher, it can avoid the shock wave.The rigidity of the whole structure of jacket platform is large, it is suitable for all kinds of soil, at present, it is the most important fixed platform.   

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