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Types of offshore drilling rig

Feb 18, 2016

 What is offshore drilling rig?Offshore drilling rig is mainly used for drilling wells offshore structures. Equipped with drilling, power, communications, navigation and other equipment, as well as the safety of life and personnel living facilities. An indispensable means for offshore oil and gas exploration and development.It is an indispensable means for offshore oil and gas exploration and development. There are mainly self lifting and semi submersible drilling platform.

   What are the types of offshore drilling rig?

   Self-elevating platform:It is composed of the platform, the pile legs and the lifting mechanism, the platform can move along the pile leg, it generally has no self navigation ability.In 1953 the United States built the first self-elevating platform,it has strong adaptability to water depth, good stability and fast development, which is about 1/2 of the total number of mobile drilling equipment.When they are working, leg devolved into the bottom of the sea, platform is lifted to leave the safe working height of the sea surface and the leg for preloading, to ensure that the platform encountered a storm leg not caused by subsidence.

   Semi submersible platform:The upper part is a working deck, the lower part is two lower hull, and the upper part is connected with the support column.Dived into the water to work nowadays hull, deck in water safety height, waterline area is small, the wave effect is small, the stability is good, self-sustaining force is strong, the water depth is large, the new development of the dynamic positioning technique for semi submersible platform and water depth can reach 900 to 1200 meters.Compared with the jack up drilling platform, the advantages of semi submersible is working depth, flexible movement; disadvantage is large investment, maintain high cost, need to have a complex set of water appliances, the effective utilization rate is less than self elevation drilling platform.

   There are many kinds of drilling motors and auxiliary equipments on offshore drilling rig.Life appliances are centrally placed,some electrical wiring is embedded in the decorative layer, once the electrical equipment, electrical appliances failure or wire overload, short circuit, etc., it is easy to cause fire.    

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