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Shopping trolleys for the elderly

Feb 18, 2016

 shopping trolleys for the elderly---today's social environmen
   The phenomenon of "empty nest" family of our country seriously, the number of elderly people living alone is more, most of them need to buy their own food, cook.It needs to solve the problem of lifting and carrying heavy loads in the shopping process.Now available on the market is not suitable for the use of old people, their volume is too large and heavy,it is inconvenient to carry.
   Brief introduction of shopping trolleys for the elderly:shopping trolleys for the elderly has the handbrake and fixed the brakes, the handle can be adjusted and folded, the car can be folded! In front of the two wheels is a universal wheel, under the seat is a shopping bag, the seat can be raised, we can put things into it!

   Advantages of shopping trolleys for the elderly:
   1 old people can hold the handle, walk on their own! As an auxiliary tool for walking!

   2 if the old man walk tired, they can sit down and rest!

   3 there is a shopping basket, you can put down the old man's daily necessities or to buy supplies

   4 It has a seat, hand brake and parking brake! It is collapsible, it occupies a small space.

   5 Its bag, rod is separated, it is convenient to wash.

   6 EVA wheels, it can lift the car wheel noise.

   7 Oversized bag space, fashion and generous appearance, the color is bright, the fabric is strong and durable.

   8 It is fashionable and convenient, easy shopping! It is particularly suitable for middle aged and elderly people, shopping, buy food, it can avoid the wrist and lumbar spine injury caused by hand weights.
   Assembly steps of shopping trolleys for the elderly:

1: fold open simple packaging

2: unfolded the folding frame and the shopping bag

3: located in the shopping wheel shaft plastic buckle removed, the two sides of the wheel force stuck into the axis, the wheels can easily slide can be!

4: the configuration of the Oxford cloth or PE lattice cloth bag on the shopping frame, the bag is equipped with magic stickers, reasonable fixed on the shopping frame on the line!

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