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R & D leading technology of industrial furnace company

Feb 18, 2016

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Kaifeng Modern industrial furnace company(Kaifeng modern)that the company's independent research have made a great breakthrough,it has reached the leading level of domestic industrial heat treatment key technology.

   Recently,the regenerative heating furnace which was researched by industrial furnace company has been successfully used in production.Only the savings of cost,which  will bring 1 million yuan of revenue for the industrial furnace company.

   Industrial heat treatment is an important basic technology of equipment manufacturing industry, which directly affects the level of development of the industry.In recent years, with the accelerating pace of industrial restructuring, industrial heat treatment technology upgrades are facing severe challenges.Because in the traditional industrial heat treatment,the coal pollution is serious,the energy efficiency is poor.Prior to this, there are a few domestic enterprises to try to upgrade the industrial heat treatment technology, and successfully developed regenerative heating furnace, to replace coal-fired gas, and achieved a certain energy-saving emission reduction effect.However, the previous regenerative heating furnace because of the high cost of the price, and its energy efficiency is not ideal, it is difficult to be widely recognized by the market, the promotion of fatigue, industrial heat treatment technology upgrade slowly.

   Insiders said :the regenerative heating furnace was researched by Kaifeng industrial furnace company is not only a technology leader, but it is also more cost-effective and more widely used.It is successfully applied in production,it has important significance for promoting the popularization of industrial cleaning production and further boost the equipment industry restructuring, transformation and upgrading.Especially for Kaifeng City, which is in the industrial transformation period, it will also be affected, to promote the development of the automobile and parts, chemical industry, new materials and other related industries with the industrial heat treatment closely related industries.More critical is that it will produce a chain reaction, resulting in regenerative heating furnace product market more intense competition, to promote the field of industrial heat treatment to usher in a new round of industrial upgrading leather life.

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