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Main system of land drilling rig

Feb 18, 2016

 Main system of land drilling rig---Lifting system

   In order to rise and lower the drill, the casing and the control of drilling pressure, feed into the drill, the drilling tool is equipped with a lifting system.Lifting system comprises a winch, an auxiliary brake, crane, travel car, hook, wire rope and rings, elevators, hanging tongs, slips and various tools.

   Main system of land drilling rig---Rotating system

   The rotary system is a typical system of the rotary table drill, which is driven by the rotation of the drilling tool to break rock strata.According to the different drilling, drilling tool composition is different, which generally includes Kelly, drill pipe, drill collar and drill, in addition to centralizer, shock absorber and with the joint etc..

   Main system of land drilling rig---circulatory system

   In order to carry out the downhole cuttings to the ground in time for the purpose of further drilling,at the same time, in order to cool the drill bit to protect the borehole wall and prevent the well leakage and other drilling accidents, the rotary drilling rig is equipped with a circulating system.Circulating system comprises a drilling pump, ground pipe manifold, mud tank, mud purification equipment and so on, the ground pipe manifold including high-pressure pipe sinks, riser, hoses, mud purification device comprises a vibration sieve, desander, mud machine, centrifuge, etc..

   Main system of land drilling rig---power equipment

   Hoisting system, circulation system and the rotation system is the rig crew, it is used to provide the motive,they coordinate the work to complete the drilling operation, in order to provide the power to these working crew, the drilling machine needs to be equipped with the power equipment.

   Main system of land drilling rig---drive system

   The transmission system transforms the force and motion of the power equipment, and then transfers and assigns each working unit to meet the different needs of the working unit.

   The form of unified driving is adopted in the drilling,the transmission system is relatively complex,the drilling machine driven by AC / DC motor, which is used in the form of individual or group driven, has been greatly simplified.

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