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Introduction of water drilling rig

Feb 18, 2016

Water drilling rig is a mechanical equipment for drilling and drilling and completing the operation of well pipe and well washing. Water drilling rig includes power equipment and drill, drill pipe, core pipe, drill frame, etc.. It is generally divided into 3 categories: rotary percussive drilling, turning and turning composite.

   Introduction of water drilling rig---Composition of mechanism

   1, hydraulic pump: it is a duplex type,large displacement pump provides power to the power head,the small displacement pump provide power for the four leg cylinder, landing mast cylinder, afterburner / lifting pulley cylinder.

   2, four legs: small drilling equipment is composed of a hydraulic cylinder and a fixed frame. It can adjust the level of the body at the work site, and play the role of supporting and stabilizing the body.

   3 It is a mega frame structure which is welded by giant steel, channel steel and angle steel combination, with both sides of the slot as channel running under the power head rail,which ensure the verticality of drilling.Drilling mast landing by pressure cylinder.

   4, a power head: It uses the gear reduction box of the mechanism,the low-speed shaft intermediate have a big hole of the core shaft,the upper core shaft can be connected with the hose interface concrete perfusion device pouring concrete;The lower opening of the core shaft is connected with the drill pipe and the drill bit through the flange. The high speed shaft is driven by the large torque hydraulic motor. 

   Introduction of water drilling rig---System composition

1, power system, to provide energy for the entire rig equipment;

2 work system, according to the requirements of the process of work equipment;

3 transmission system, for the work of the unit transmission, transmission, distribution of energy equipment;

4 control system, control the system, equipment, according to the requirements of the process to coordinate and accurate work;

5 auxiliary system, it is the main system to assist the work of the equipment.

   Accessories for water drilling rig:Every time after the repair, we should inspect the lubricant consumption, if it is found that the deterioration, contamination, or lack of, we should immediately give to replace or supplement; in every repair, valve chamber should be timely flushing and re filling sealing grease and to lubricate the valve plate and valve seat.


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