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Introduction of structural steel channel

Feb 18, 2016

The specifications of the structural steel channel is mainly used for height (H), flange width (b), waist thickness (d) etc. size, currently domestic steel specifications from 5 - 40, namely the corresponding height is 5 - 40cm.

    At the same height, light channel than ordinary channel narrow, thin waist leg, light weight. 18 - 40, 5 - 16 large channel. The import channel indicate the actual size and related standards. Structural steel channel import and export orders are generally in determining the corresponding carbon structural steel (or low alloy steel ganghao, to use the required specifications. In addition to specifications, no channel specific composition and performance series.

    The delivery channel length is divided into fixed length, size two, and the provisions of tolerance in the corresponding standard. The domestic channel length selection range according to the different specifications, divided into 5 - 12M, 5 - 19m, 6 - 19m three. The import channel length is generally in the range of 6 - 15m.

    Structural steel channel is the basis of cutting edge channel steel products pass shape, as shown in Figure 1 (with 100# channel as an example). The following problems of this design in the shearing process: one is channel two. Compared with the other part of the shoulder is relatively thick. The larger the shear force, shear blade blade wear faster. After a period of time this part of the relatively large quantity. The shoulder wear large gap. It collapse phenomenon of shoulder two.

     Compared to the legs and waist. The structural steel channel  due to the effect of shear angle, when the blade wear it in shear legs, shearing quantity is small. The leg shear by the usual cut into tear. This channel legs appear easily. The three end burr is upper and lower shear blade angle and channel steel products pass the basic leg this is consistent. The shear stress at the same time the basic leg, the shearing force is large, the shear blade wear faster. On the one hand, leg end shear indentation serious, on the other hand, cutting edge after aging, prone to tearing, burr cut channel current Like. The latter is the main factor that affects the shearing quality of steel structure.

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