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Introduction of steel channel

Feb 18, 2016

      The steel channel is the section for the steel strip shape groove. Shaped steel with cross section.The channel is used in the construction and machinery used carbon steel structure. It is a type of steel complex section. The cross-section shape of groove. The steel channel is mainly used for building structure, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment and vehicle manufacturing etc.. In use, it is required to have better welding, riveting performance and comprehensive mechanical properties. Production of raw materials for steel billet carbon content of not more than 0.25% of the carbon steel or low alloy steel billet. After finished steel hot forming, normalizing or hot-rolled state of delivery. The specifications to waist height (H) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d) of a few millimeters. Such as 100*48*5.3 that waist height of 100 mm. Wide leg is 48 mm, waist thickness is 5.3 mm channel, or 10# channel. The same waist high channel. If there are several different wide legs and waist thick also need to be differences in the types of the right side of the a B C. Such as 25#a 25#b 25#c etc..

     The steel channel can be divided into ordinary channels and light channels. General specifications for 5-40# hot rolled steel. The supply and demand sides supply hot alternative channel protocol specifications for 6.5-30#. The channel steel is mainly used for building structure, vehicle manufacturing, industrial structure and a fixed disk cabinet, channel steel often and I-beam.


    Steel  channel according to shape and can be divided into 4 types: cold bending equilateral channels, cold bending scalene channel, cold bending edge channels, the cold roll edge stiffeners.

According to the theory of steel structure, steel should be flange force.That channel should be upright, not lying.

     China's steel imports more than it exports. The two channels, such as simple import and import of complete sets of projects, are introduced. In recent years along the coast of China, several major ports (Dalian, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Lianyungang, etc.) in the new, expansion of oil, coal, grain and other bulk import and export commodities of the automatic loading and unloading engineering. With the main equipment is introduced, at the same time, imports of large channel is also increasing. Main production countries and regions for Japan, Russia, Western europe. The export channel mainly to Hong Kong and Macao.

     The steel channel is mainly producted from Tang Gang, Baotou, Shandong, huangte, Maanshan Iron and steel, Bao Steel, Xuanhua Steel, several steel.

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