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Introduction of stainless steel channel

Feb 17, 2016

 Specifications of stainless steel channel:
   Inside diameter 300*200*150mm

   Outside diameter size 443*250*220mm

   Reserved size 425*230*230mm

   Bullet proof glass depth 2.5cm/4.0cm/ flush
Bullet proof glass width 3.0cm

   Collocation of stainless steel channel:

   Japan 304-1.5mm stainless steel tank body, light-emitting Braille password metal keyboard, evaluation system, second generation ID card information collection function universal, intelligent IC card reading and writing function, liquid crystal display module, embedded intelligent dual microphone without blind two-way audio and intercom system, face video superposition storage functions, counting display function (optional), stainless steel bezel (the Ministry of public security standards), ABS riot, anti aging, anti - static, waterproof, dustproof groove shell.

   Location of stainless steel channel:

   This product is a high-tech, innovative and practical a multi bank cash counter integrates the bank counter products.System integration and implementation counter integration of multiple functions of bank counter configuration function, enter the password is more safety norms, it has a high price, it is effective to enhance the counter security, clean, beautiful, high-grade effect,it is a trend and the required products in bank cash counter.

   Advantages of stainless steel channel:

   1, humanized, professional, innovative technology and password security design concept, stainless steel channel is made by the precision of the Japanese mold.

   2, it's powerful, high security, good stability, and can be used after the installation of the use of on-site product upgrades and functional development (domestic leader).

   3, the design of system integration to counter more secure, standardized, clean, beautiful, high-grade, save the counter space.

   4, Braille luminous metal keyboard waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, anti riot (ATM keyboard standard)

   5,Password keyboard located at the bottom of the tank 100% anti spy. It ensures privacy password input, to meet safety standards; luminescence with Braille button with the country to advocate harmonious society and social equality. They reflect bank the humane care of the disabled;

   6,Voice prompts using a voice transmission and multimedia speaker design principles,sound is greater, the quality of sound is better.

   7, integrated evaluation of the function of the keyboard, the keyboard, the keyboard and the customer evaluation system integration.

   8, face video overlay storage function, it can timely and clearly record the customer face features, it is in line with the bank's business risk level and protection level.

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