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Introduction of precision drilling rig locator

Feb 17, 2016

Introduction of precision drilling rig locator:

   Type No.: XY-200


   depth: 200 meters


   sets: diesel engine power, an active drill pipe, mud pump

   Application scope of precision drilling rig locator:

   1, it is suitable for prospecting, geophysical prospecting, exploration and hit the road and building _ hole drilling engineering.

2, according to the different stratum, it can choose diamond, alloy, steel grit and steel particles to drilling bit.

3, it can drill the 2-9 sandy clay and bedrock layer etc..

   Main features of precision drilling rig locator:

   1, it has the hydraulic automatic feeding mechanism, improve drilling efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
2, the rig ball card holding mechanism, can be implemented without stopping down rod, convenient operation, safe and reliable.

3, the active drill pipe is big, the transmission torque is big, not easy to break.

4, it is equipped with a hole bottom pressure gauge indicating the pressure, easy to grasp the situation inside the hole.

5, the handle is concentrated, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

6, its structure is compact, drilling, pump and diesel are installed on the same base, the occupied area is small.

7, its weight is light, the decomposition is strong, it is easy to move, it is suitable for the work of the plains and mountains.

   Main Characteristics of XY-3 precision drilling rig locator:

1, the rig adopts the LG140 automobile transmission assembly, with 10 Speed series and a reasonable range of speed

2, the torque is large, the bearing capacity is strong, it can achieve remote control speed, easy to operate;

3, it's installed power is large, it has 2 speed inversion speed, easy to deal with the accident;

4, it has a normally closed type hydraulic chuck, convenient and flexible operation;

5, it can realize the independent operation of the vertical shaft and hoist.

   The performance of precision drilling rig locator is reliable, the core is complete, convenient and flexible, it is very suitable for field work, it can be used to drill on behalf of the groove, to drill wells, it improves the efficiency and reduce the cost of sampling, the product has reached the leading domestic level. It has broad application prospects in the field of geological prospecting resources evaluation and municipal engineering.

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