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Introduction of bucket dredger

Feb 17, 2016

 Bucket dredger uses series chain which has a bucket,it is driven by the guide wheel,it rotates on the bridge,which make the mud bucket under water dredging and increase to above the water, into the retractable front, back, left and right to throw the anchor cable, the hull forward or swing around to dredging work.

   The working principle of the bucket dredger is: the bucket at the lower end of the bridge into the water under a certain depth and make contact with the dredged soil.Then, the bucket chain continuous operation in wheel driven,which  drives the chain bucket mud bucket,carring after dredging,lift out of the water with the bucket chain rotation, and sent to the tower top, after the guide wheel to change direction, sediment inside the bucket under its own gravity, pour bucket tower in the mud wells.Finally,through the both sides of the slide groove mud, silt dredger ship discharged outside. 

   Bucket dredger can be divided into non self propelled and self propulsion.

   The disadvantages of bucket dredger: noise is large, the vibration is large, part wear is large and the cost is very high.
   Construction technology control:

   Layered construction:1, when dredging mud layer is too thick, soft soil layer thickness over high mud Doudou, 2 to 3 times, the sand and hard soil and mud layer thickness more than fight high 1 to 2 times, it should be stratified excavation. The thickness of the layer is generally used 1~2 times higher than the height of the visible soil.

   Excavation method:1,When the construction conditions are good areas, dredger no chamfer width and edge water depth limit, should with inclined to horizontal excavation construction method.2, the narrow channel, channel depth is less than the dredger draught, should adopt fan-shaped horizontal excavation construction method.

   The concurrent and countercurrent construction:bucket dredger is suitable for current construction. Only in the construction conditions received limited or ebb and flow to the downstream construction, downstream construction should use main stern mooring ship control forward.

   Do you know other knowledge about bucket dredger?Can you share it with us?

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