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Introduction of box channel steel

Feb 17, 2016

 Box channel steel tube column is generally a combination of columns, which is assembled by the steel plate.

    Circular steel tubular columns are generally subjected to axial force or less eccentric force, while the box shaped steel tube columns can be larger in one direction, so that it can be used for eccentric force. Considering from the angle of production, circular steel tube column production is relatively simple, and the box shaped steel column making relatively large amount of welding, easy deformation of the production is relatively difficult than a circular steel tube column high, therefore box shaped steel column most of the moment of large diameter thick walled square tube as a box channel steel column. Its advantages are: direct forming, low cost of materials, materials are of good performance, high strength, easy to install.

   According to the index of square steel tube column, it belongs to the type of steel column ".The sectional properties of the circular steel tube columns can be used ?directly, and the range of the steel column type can not be used ?directly. The section properties need processing making to form. Generally box channel steel tube column because there is no need to cross sectional processing so the price is much lower than the steel pipe column which is composed of steel plate assembly and welding. Box channel steel is generally consisting of a root or a plurality of box channel steel of steel column; box channel steel is a structure consisting of a plurality of type (rectangular pipe, angle steel, channel steel, I-steel) steel column.

    Shanghai Xin metal materials Co., Ltd. is the latest research and development of the six production line officially put into operation.

    Its products cover 20 x 20 - 800 * 800 large square pipe, rectangular pipe (tailor welded square tube, rectangular tube biggest diameter can do long unilateral 2200mm). And cold bend rectangular tube, open type steel, hot-rolled square tube, non-standard pipe.(1) large 800 x 800 x 30 square tube production line, the production scope 100 x 100 - 800 * 800, wall thickness 2 - 30mm, material plain carbon steel, stainless steel, manganese steel Q345B steel, alloy steel and oval, diamond and other special-shaped tube. Bend distortion is below 1/1000.(2)High precision cold tube and open type steel production line 20 * 250 * 250 * 20, wall thickness 0.8 - 12mm. Contract high precision square rectangular pipe, bending and twisting up to 0.2/1000, the smallest 0.1/1000.Hot-rolled square tube trial into 50 x 50 - 450 x 450,2 - 20mm can be production of hot-rolled deformed, European standard, American standard products, rectangular tube. Tube of various mechanical properties can be guaranteed.

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