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Instructions of dredger vessel

Feb 17, 2016

Entering the dredging operation site,the staff are required to wear life jackets and personal protective equipment.Pipeline operations require more than two people.

   For dredger vessel,to ensure the ship's fire and rescue equipment, anti collision and other safety facilities complete and applicable.And designate a person responsible for the management.When you use it, you must not move it.The safety protection measures for construction water areas shall be formulated, issued and implemented in consultation with the relevant local authorities.

   The working、the walking platform and the upper platform of dredger vessel should be complete,the springboard should be firmly set up and it should be non slip.

   Dredger vessel and ancillary vessel mooring and construction in the channel, wharf, harbour towage,which should set and display the signal in accordance with the regulations, and send someone on duty.Night construction must be equipped with lighting.

   When transferring the dredger vessel,it should be specifically set the transfer route, towing methods, staff post division of labor and vessel formation scheme and with the approval of the superior execution.

   The crew should be familiar with the project construction organization design. Understand the local hydrology, meteorology, geology, geomorphology, construction water.View sludge discharge, water and water withdrawal facilities. Project department shall organize the formulation of construction scheme, construction quality, environment, occupational health and safety control measures and technical clarification.

   When the dredger vessel works,mooring, stop and take shelter from the wind and ship actions according to the current dredging engineering technical specifications "technology standards implementation.

   The crew must go through training and learning to be familiar with the safety rules and instructions of the dredger vessel.

   Deck operation section

   1, check the water, mud pipe connection is reliable and reasonable, firm, whether the use of mud field is reasonable and reliable.

   2, check all the various parts of the whole ship, the various parts of the machinery and flexible, reliable. Before construction, we should check and implement the full lubrication of the machine running parts.

   3, check whether the console joysticks are in the neutral position, whether the button in the stop position.

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