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Industrial furnace design---resistance furnace

Feb 17, 2016

Industrial furnace design---resistance furnace
   The resistance furnace is composed of furnace body, electric control system and auxiliary system. The furnace body comprises a furnace shell, heater, furnace lining (including heat shield) etc.. When the electric current is passed through the electric heating body, the thermal effect is generated due to the resistance of the electric heating body, and the heating temperature of the electric heating body is increased. A method of radiation and convection (mainly in the form of radiation), which transfers heat to the metal blank, which is called indirect resistance heating.

Industrial furnace design---resistance furnace

   Compared with the flame heating, the heating resistor has the following advantages:

1 the heating rate of the furnace is fast, the heating rate is high, can meet the requirements of the temperature;

2 according to the requirements of forging technology, precise control and adjust the temperature;

3 the operation is simple, easy to realize the automatic operation in the heating process;

4 the area of the resistance furnace is small;

5 the atmosphere in the furnace is easy to control, and is easy to be less oxygen free heating;

6 no burning waste gas, less pollution and high heat efficiency;

7 good working environment.

Industrial furnace design---resistance furnace 

A resistance furnace is an industrial furnace which uses electric current to cause heating of an electric heating element or a heating medium in the furnace to heat the workpiece or material. Resistance furnace in industrial machinery for metal forging heating, metal heat treatment heating, brazing, powder metallurgy sintering, glass ceramic firing and annealing, low melting point metal melting, sand and paint layer of dry.

   Industrial furnace design---resistance furnace   Cycle operation furnace is divided into: the sealed box furnace, box type furnace, pit furnace, bell type furnace, trolley furnace, tilting drum furnace.

   Industrial furnace design---resistance furnace

   The continuous working furnace is divided into: the kiln car type furnace, push rod furnace, roller hearth furnace, the bottom furnace, rotary hearth furnace, stepping furnace, traction furnace, continuous drum furnace, conveyor belt type furnace, etc.. Conveyor belt type furnace can be divided into: with mesh belt furnace, stamping chain plate furnace, casting chain plate furnace, etc.

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