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How tower cranes are assembled?

Feb 3, 2016

How tower cranes are assembled?---Installation of base section

   Putting the foundation section hoisting on the foot of the tower crane,using a dedicated pin connected, and wear a safety pin.Please lift the top of the cylinder in the first section,whuch makes the end of the beam known as the foot resting on the bottom of a pedal.

   How tower cranes are assembled?---Mounting of jack up frame

   1, we put the jacket platform and the components are installed.

   2, the top lifting sleeve is sheathed on the first segment frame, and the piston rod is connected with the lifting beam hinge point of the oil cylinder by a pin shaft.

   How tower cranes are assembled?---Installation of Jib frame

   1, check the boom and arm rod and pin rack.

   2, prepare two support or enough pillow block.

   3, according to the assembled using the instructions provided in order better boom, and placed on the supporting frame or sleeper, and then the boom assembly jib lever.

   4,The trolley car will be equipped with a platform two chord on the boom.

   5, according to the corresponding amplitude of every 10 meters installed signs, and check the jib and jib pull rod all pin and cotter pin is interspersed with firm.

   6, hoisting arm assembly: first interview in crane, grasp the focus, and then officially lifting, by a pin shaft will the root with the rotary supporting frame side joint connected.
   7, with the main hoist wire rope pull pull, car hoists would coincide with the end of the arm frame upwards, until the pull rod and the top hinge is fixedly connected.
8, loosen the wire rope, hanging car slowly down the boom until the tensioning rod.

   How tower cranes are assembled?---Lifting weights

   Please lift counterweight block piece by piece, put on the balance arm, supporting shaft is inserted into the counterweight block on both sides of the connection hole in the plate must be inserted in place. Until the rating.

   How tower cranes are assembled?Winding wire rope, wire rope hook.

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