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How to open lockers?

Feb 3, 2016

How to open lockers?Recently,net posts spread said:after storaging items in the lockers of supermarket,with a cell phone camera above the bar code and extract can use cell phones to take a picture of the bar code picture open lockers.It sounds quite amazing,in order to confirm the matter in the end is not true, in March 13th, the reporter visited the city several large supermarkets, conducted a field experiment.

   How to open lockers?Reporter walked into a large supermarket, he pressed the storage area of the "save" button, a bar code to get our hands, a locker "bang" sound open.Reporter got the receipt and closed the door to my locker after, the reporter took the phone photographs of the bar code, then phone barcode photo alignment lockers scan port. At the same time, the lockers there was no response.

   How to open lockers?Reporters think it may be a problem of bar code size. So, once again will photograph to adjust to the size with the bar code slip, near the port scan, locker door the unexpectedly "bang" to open. However, in the adjustment of the size of a bar code, but it is very difficult to grasp, shot ten times only three times.

   How to open lockers?If the bar code is not clear at the time of the shooting, will not affect the results? The reporter for a lower pixel mobile phone experiment, noticed the photos still can open lockers. Results confirm that can open lockers and photographs of the definition has little to do, as long as the cell phone or camera in the bar code picture adjustment to with the hands of slip are similar in size, you can open the door.

   How to open lockers?After the successful experiment in the supermarket,the reporter went to another supermarket 38 road in, here the lockers are also bar code scanning slip and experiment results also can open the locker.

   For the sake of safety, we should keep store receipt carefully!

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