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How to build basement shelves?

Feb 3, 2016

Building a basement can help you to store many things.And more,you should buildbasement shelves .So,the problem is coming:how to build basement shelves and what should you do when you figure out how to build basement shelves.

   The main thing is to see what you want to place, the weight is not heavy.And latter,you should consider how to build basement shelves.

   Now let’s introduce one of the shelves for a detail.And believe it can help you to make sense of how to build basement shelves.

   Put-in shelf (corridor type shelf, through shelves) using the tray access mode,and it is not a channel separation, it has higher continuity and integrity of storage. 1 cargo storage channel is also a forklift storage channel, is a high storage density of a form. 2 it is usually used in a variety of small but large quantities, and the goods are not required to choose goods storage requirements. 3 with the lifting height of the ordinary forklift, the number of layers is generally designed as three layers, the effective storage capacity of the warehouse can be increased by more than 100%, compared with the investment cost under control, and the benefit is improved significantly. Calculated the global storage costs, the general increase in storage capacity, the cost of investment in three years can be offset. 4 following the principle of advanced, it is applicable to the most of the handling machinery storage and transportation operations.

   Characteristics of the drive type shelf:

1 in the support of the guide rail, the tray is stored in the direction of depth, one immediately after one, which makes it possible to high density storage.

2. Access to the goods from the shelves on the same side in and out, after the first deposit, balancing weight and forklift can be conveniently into the middle shelf access goods, without occupying a plurality of channels.

3 this shelf is suitable for storage of large quantities, less variety of goods.

4. Entering type shelves is full of plug assembly type structure, column assembly type structure, the walls which rely on domain to a total depth of shelf is designed for seven tray depth at most.

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