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How much do forklifts cost?

Feb 3, 2016

How much do forklifts cost?---series 1-1.8 tons of internal combustion balance Heavy Forklift

   1. The machine's discharge can meet the latest European CE and US EPA environmental standards;

   2 high efficiency and energy saving, it reduces the fuel consumption of the vehicle;

   3 lifting system is up and down, it reduces the impact and vibration of the door frame (patent technology);

   4 engine automatic monitoring system, when the engine oil pressure is too low or too high, the engine automatically shut down (patent technology).

   5 field of view improved greatly;
   Its price is 46 thousand RMB.
   How much do forklifts cost?---Manual handling vehicle

   Standard type manual handling car, mini type manual handling car, extended fork type manual handling car, short fork type manual handling car, ultra narrow fork type manual handling car, widening the fork type manual handling car, 5 tons of heavy type manual handling car, said (weighing) type manual handling car, electronic scale tray car, super low type manual handling car, type 304 stainless steel manual handling car, galvanized type manual handling, paper tube type manual handling car, single wheel type manual handling car, wheel type manual handling car, outdoor type manual handling car.

   Its price is twelve thousand RMB.
   How much do forklifts cost?---Car type electric forklift

   1, the electric power steering mechanism, turn easily, small turning radius, and improve the efficiency of the use of space and space. Wide field of view of the door frame design, optimize the portal frame structure, so that the operator's vision is more open.
2, the reasonable layout of the control system, fully embodies the principles of human engineering, improve comfort, reduce the operator's fatigue.
3, the vehicle structure is simple, maintenance is more convenient, low noise, no pollution, reasonable structure of the car body, the car body sinking design, which reduces the weight of the vehicle and improve the stability.
4, 16*6-8 wide solid core tire, elastic, high strength, strong carrying capacity, it can be carried out in a variety of environments.
   Its price is forty thousand RMB.

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