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How does a rock crusher work?

Feb 3, 2016

 How does a rock crusher work?Rock crusher is divided into jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, such as 5 kinds.

   How does a rock crusher work?---Installation method

1 equipment should be installed in the level of the concrete foundation, and fixed with the anchor.

2 installation should pay attention to the host body and vertical level.

3 part of the bolt after the installation check whether loose, and to strengthen the host position or not to tighten the door.

4 according to the equipment configuration power supply line and the power control switch.

5 inspection is completed, empty load test, test, production can be normal.

   How does a rock crusher work?---Operating procedure

1 before starting, we should check whether the door of the body, the machine operating process strictly prohibited to open the door to prevent the occurrence of risk.

2 the crusher must be empty to start up.

3 according to the requirements of feed grain size, the assembly has caused damage to the equipment and low output.

4 in the abnormal interrupt results show that the stop check to solve the problem, and then used to produce.

5 regular add lubricant, rotary bearing parts.

   How does a rock crusher work?---announcements.

1 after the rock crusher works normally, the rock can be put into the rock to be broken;

2 need to break the rock should be evenly into the crusher cavity, should avoid the side feeding or filled with material, so as to avoid unilateral overload or under overload.3 when the normal operation, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 30 degrees, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70.

   How does a rock crusher work?---Major advantages

   1 the structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is light, the production capacity is big, so the production cost is low.
2 ore along the joint surface is broken, so the power consumption is low, the efficiency is high.

3 crushing ratio is large, it can reach 40, so we can simplify the crushing process, can make the three broken into two segments or a broken, it reduces the cost of mineral processing plant equipment.

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