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How do they build cranes?

Feb 2, 2016

How do they build cranes?---Lift ready

   The preparatory work before the top lift includes all kinds of accessories that need to be put up,annex which is needed by all kinds of tower crane have specific provisions.When erecting a tower, most of the accessories are in place,instead of lifting before installation. After the installation of tower crane or increasing the height of lifting operation must be carried out. Details of the preparation of the hydraulic system are detailed in the specification.

   How do they build cranes?---The tower crane lifting tower crane trim, there are two kinds of balance:
   1, in theory, at the specified amplitude of the suspended load.And each type of tower crane can be: according to the tower, types of hoisting drum types are different, the obtained theoretical equilibrium positions, Venta machine theoretical equilibrium positions of 30m arm in a 25m away from the tower center line.

   2, in the actual operation, we need to adjust the balancing arm from the trolley position.

   How do they build cranes?---In the lift, vertical from two side view of the tower body, in order to avoid the tower building and the distance between the deviation.In the lifting sleeve frame, it is absolutely forbidden to rotate and move the jib, trolley and the action of rising or falling.

   How do they build cranes?---The top lift component (oil cylinder and the jacket) is the perfect requirement of the lifting part of the center of gravity in the cylinder axis line, must pay attention to the balance before the operation, the tower section should be placed on the introduction of the guide rail.Please move the car, when it is ?necessary, we can add the appropriate load stop at the equilibrium position of tower crane schedule given instructions.

   How do they build cranes?We should pay attention to that balance weight must be the same as the balance arm and boom length match.

   When installing the crane, we must ensure the safety of the people around us.

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