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How do detroit lockers work?

Feb 2, 2016

Model and intelligent automatic storage lockers in the modern life has gained popularity, it both cocoa to save human and business area, convenient customer storage of goods,it ?has been widely used in public places such as restaurants and supermarkets.But how do detroit lockers work?

   How do detroit lockers work?The new intelligent lockers is driven by motor and control, keyboard, LCD display, real-time monitoring of.When the system is provided with an electric, LCD display prompt "please select the mode of operation", this time waiting for you to enter "deposit" or "take", if the "deposit" is the door opened automatically waits for the user to add items to deposit; at the same time LCD display "please set a password, waits for the user to enter a password; click" OK "to automatically shut down after the key cabinet door, LCD display" your cabinet, N, can leave ". If the package is type "take", LCD prompts "enter the cabinet number", then type the cabinet number and determine; then LCD prompt "please enter the password", if the password is correct,it can be taken away.

   How do detroit lockers work?New intelligent store content ark power supply adopts double power supply, motor drive power supply and a single chip computer circuit power supply completely isolated, using photoelectric coupler transmission signal;it can completely eliminate the interference of motor, and improving the stability of the system; require precise control of the angle and the motor must have certain self-locking capability,we choose to step into the motor.

   How do detroit lockers work?This system takes the single chip microcomputer as the core, configure the upper PC machine to realize the monitoring and the history file and so on. When the single chip to complete an access to the host computer after the transfer of information, the host computer to receive information on its analysis, and appropriate action.Mainly include: display updates, historical archives, alarm, etc.. In addition to historical inquiry, data statistics and other functions.LCD display with Chinese characters display function, to achieve the process of human-computer interaction to make the operation, it is convenient to use.  

   How do detroit lockers work?New intelligent lockers hardware circuit is mainly stepping motor chopping constant current driver, debugging process encountered many problems. The first is routing problem, the line go to as far as possible short and thick, the MOSFET H-bridge bridge to isolate driving, circuit TL494 to strictly designed according to requirements of technical information above, otherwise closed loop effect is not good,when we choose the optocoupler element, we should pay attention to the speed of response.

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