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How do cranes work?

Feb 2, 2016

 How do cranes work?---Bridge crane

   Bridge crane is generally equipped with trolley traveling mechanism of bridge, with mechanism and trolley running mechanism of lifting heavy car, electrical equipment and a driver cab parts.Up lifting mechanism is used for vertical lifting goods,lifting trolley is used to carry the load for lateral movement.The bridge and the traveling mechanism is used to hoist and articles for vertical movement,to achieve the three-dimensional space within the span and the provisions of the composition of the three-dimensional space for handling and loading and unloading cargo.

   How do cranes work?General bridge crane hook is composed of metal structure, a cart running mechanism, trolley running mechanism, lifting mechanism, electrical and control system and driver's cab.Extract device is a hook.

   How do cranes work?Grab bridge crane is grab device,the wire rope which link grab lifting hoisting mechanism, opening and closing mechanism. It is mainly used for bulk cargo, scrap iron and steel, timber and other loading and unloading, lifting operations.

   How do cranes work?With three bridge crane is a multi-purpose cranes.The basic structure is the same as the electromagnetic bridge crane. According to need with the hook lifting weights, we can hang a motor grab loading and unloading of materials on the hook, we can also the grab unloaded and then hang on electromagnetic disc lifting black metal, so it is called with a bridge (can change) crane.Grab * AC power, DC power supply electromagnetic disk * work. Therefore, the model must be the same as the electromagnetic bridge crane,electric generating set may control silicon DC power supply box. This kind of crane is suitable for the material place which often takes the place of the fetch device.

   How do cranes work?According to the use of the environment, the mine explosion proof crane (except for coal mine underground) is a class I, the factory with the provisions of the.

Type II crane, according to the electrical equipment for explosive gas mixture maximum test case clearance or minimum ignition current ratio, is divided into A, B, C three, and according to the maximum surface temperature is divided into T1-T4 four groups.


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