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How cranes are built?

Feb 2, 2016

How cranes are built?---note of top rising

A) check the standard section of the beam is firm, the car is safe and flexible.

B) check hydraulic station installed, if the tank is filled with oil, then debug and try turn.

C) check whether the top or bottom of the beam is stable.

D) observation before and after the balance before the lifting of tower crane.

E) in the process of hoisting, the absolute prohibition of the tower crane rotary motion, the trolley for luffing movement and hoist lifting mechanism for ascending or descending movement.

F) tower crane lifting, in addition to its installation required hoisting, lifting work no other.

G) tower crane lifting work should be less than four in the wind.

   How cranes are built?For the top of the tower crane parts,ratchet tower support in the last section of the standard lifting ear seat,almost all of the piston rod extends throughout the trip, a guide wheel frame on the fixed part can not be beyond the tower.Please push the standard section to the tower. Introducing jacket.

   How cranes are built?Please send the operating lever of the hydraulic system to the "lifting" position, the pawl from lifting lug. Control rod of the ratchet from the tower.

   How cranes are built?Please push the hydraulic system control lever to the "down" position.It makes the standard section is inserted into the fish plate, with a shaft pin, a safety pin and cotter pin to lock the standard section. Lift the top fixed end of the hinge, so that the lower part of the escalator is inserted into the end of the standard section below.Loosen the 4 fixed bolts on the standard section, and roll them out.Please hang the second standard section on the guide rail, prior to this,we must put the tower cranes at the lower tower section from connected together.Therefor,please push the hydraulic system control lever to the "down" position.Until slewing ring connected to the last leg of a standard section of fishplates.

   How cranes are built?When it is necessary,we can put down the balancing weights, and to hang the hook block on standard mast section of tower crane hook rack,please hang up the other standard section of the installation channel on the imported trolley to the rail.

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