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How construction cranes are erected?

Feb 2, 2016

   We can often see the presence of tower crane in the construction site,how construction cranes are erected?With the increasing of floors of the building,you might think that grane is elevated by some other instruments.But today you will learn about an interesting fact, in fact,the tower crane is elevated by himself!

   How construction cranes are erected?The most ingenious link of crane installation is liftting,that is,immediately after the completion of the tower,add the standard section in the tower,the tower will rise to the height of the needs.The crane lifted a standard section by itself,sent to the tower cab below the lifting table, complete crane heightening action. So the tower crane is raise oneself up, did not rely on other auxiliary machines!

   How construction cranes are erected?In fact, the increase of tower crane is realized by a lifting device.

   How construction cranes are erected?The jacking device mainly comprises a jacking sleeve frame, a lifting beam and hung up his boots, hydraulic system, the introduction of the car and the introduction of beam and other components.Frame is an important part of the tower crane lifting.Its shape is a square cross section, when in use, please put it outside in the tower body section, with the pin and tower crane slewing bearing to connect to the four corners of the upper.

   How construction cranes are erected?

The sleeve frame is also provided with an ear plate and a lifting oil cylinder. The middle part of the cover frame is provided with a supporting climbing claw, and the lifting device is used for supporting the jacket.Lifting beam is used to support the weight of the upper tower top parts.On the one hand, it is connected with the lower part of the jack up oil cylinder.On the other hand, the two sides of it support in the standard section step by boots,which can step down.The introduction of trolley and a hook in the upper beam and the introduction of the tower crane, it is the introduction of the standard section of lifting and sliding rail. The hydraulic system is composed of jack up oil cylinder and hydraulic pump station.

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