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How are tower cranes built?

Feb 2, 2016

Intersection of tower crane foundation and the location of the building pile foundation, the building pile foundation, raft and do not have the conditions of the whole construction; foundation of tower crane and tower building is adjacent to the base and tower building foundation excavation depth deeper than the tower crane foundation bottom elevation; tower crane foundations in construction of the late poured band and other conditions to ensure tower crane foundation construction safety, quality, reasonable economy, this article is mainly to solve the problem.

   How are tower cranes built?According to the characteristics and difficulties in the construction of tower crane foundation, according to the different situation of the selected corresponding construction scheme or several sets of options for comparison and optimization, optimal scheme is chosen, in order to guarantee the construction quality, safety, cost saving purposes.

   How are tower cranes built?First of all, we arrange construction of crane foundation and the surrounding flat position adjacent pile;Secondly, we determine the plane position and depth of excavation excavation area and road construction of the tower crane foundation.

   How are tower cranes built?We carry out the rest of the pile foundation construction,which should avoid the construction road;Clean the surface layer of mud, Sinotrans earthwork, tower crane foundation.

   How are tower cranes built?The tower crane foundation cushion construction, steel banding based, formwork, embedded crane legs or base section;The tower crane foundation concrete construction and maintenance;The installation of tower crane.

   How are tower cranes built?Residual pile foundation construction.In accordance with the above order,pile foundation and tower crane foundation alternately construction, mutual interspersed,without the influence of pile foundation construction and construction of tower crane foundation also successfully completed.The key idea is to do a good job in the early construction planning, the various aspects of the unfavorable factors are taken into account,in order to ensure the smooth and orderly construction of each working procedure and to save the input of unnecessary labor and mechanical equipment, the purpose of saving the cost can be ensured.

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