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How are cranes erected?

Feb 2, 2016

How are cranes erected?Before we have to trim in the tower crane, trolley will run to trim the reference position, and lift the standard section or other heavy objects. And then remove the four support legs and the standard section of the connection bolt;Pushing the operating rod of the hydraulic jack up system to the top lift direction, so that the top of the climbing frame rises to the position of the main chord of the tower.

   How are cranes erected?Through check the support leg and the tower body section of the main chord rod is in the same vertical line, and to observe the climbing frame 8 a guide pulley and tower body main chord rod gap is basically the same, to check the tower crane is balanced face.Slightly adjust car trim position until the balance,which makes the upper tower the focus falls on the top beam lifting oil cylinder.

   How are cranes erected?Please put a section hanging up above the top climbing frame beam introduction,install the four wheel at the lower end of the standard section,slow down the hook,so that the introduction of the wheel on the introduction of the beam,then take off the hook.

   How are cranes erected?Please use the rotary brake rotating mechanism, the upper tower mechanism is in braking state.Start the hydraulic lifting system, so that the oil cylinder piston rod extends out.Check the jacking beam climbing frame transmission parts whether there is abnormal sound, deformation, the piston rod of the cylinder is whether automatic retraction of the abnormal phenomenon, confirm the correct, continue to lift; lifting slightly more than half a tower section height and the climbing frame climbing claws glide on a treadmill and automatically reset after the cessation of lifting, and the recovery of oil cylinder, so that the activities of climbing claws are resting on the jacking beams the top of the steps of a pair of steps.

   How are cranes erected?Retract cylinders again,the branch is located in the top of the tower body, and of positive, 8 pieces of high strength bolt will support and tower body is firm in connection, to complete the section of standard section of the festival can be in accordance with the above steps to repeat the operation, which can complete the standard section to rise.

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