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How are cranes assembled?

Feb 2, 2016

How are cranes assembled?The installation sequence of the tower crane:

   Day foundation frame, the top lift platform, the top L frame set, slewing bearing, the top of the tower, a balance arm frame, rotary and lifting power lines and control the power line, mount a counterweight to play boom, hoisting remaining counterweight block, to wear around the amplitude and hook wire rope, debugging, lifting and festival.

   How are cranes assembled?---Installation of base section
   1,putting the foundation section of tower crane foundation frame lifting in the foot, using a dedicated pin connected, and wear a safety pin.

   2, the oil cylinder top lifting beam is installed in the first section, so that the end of the beam is known to move the foot on the lowest one.
   How are cranes assembled?---Installation of rotary support

   1, Please turn the supporting frame, rotary mechanism platform, and other parts of the railing assembly.

   2, Please support the rotary support to the top of the standard section, with a pin shaft connection.

   3,Please use car hanging the top lifting sleeve frame to ascend to the slewing below, with pin shaft top rising cover frame connected with the rotary supporting frames are connected good.

   How are cranes assembled?---Installation of tower top

   1, please put the tower platform, the balance arm rod 2 and jib pull plate mounted on the top shelf section.

   2, please lift the top section of the tower to the rotary support frame with pin shaft connection firmly

   How are cranes assembled?---Balance arm mount

   1, please install the lifting mechanism on the ground, the balance arm pull rod, the platform, the wind shield, block and other parts.
   2, please put the balance arm lift by the pin shaft head and the rotary bearing well articulated.

  3, please continue to raise the tail end of the balance arm, until the pull rod is connected to the balance arm.

   4, please put on the block.
   In the next article, I will also talk about other parts of the crane assembly.

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