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How are construction cranes erected?

Jan 28, 2016

How are construction cranes erected?Determine the position of the top lift balance. According to the different length of the tower crane, to find the equilibrium position by moving the trolley on the boom.In the lifting operation, we must first take a section in the introduction of hanging beam,which is ready to use section.Do a good job in the preparatory work before the lifting of the work.Check whether the hydraulic system is normal, the tower crane power supply, pin, etc.,whether the weather conditions meet the requirements. 

   How are construction cranes erected?Check whether the cylinder sleeve top rack is connected,whether the head is connected with the top lifting beam,whether lifting beam is reliable in the standard section on the top step.

   How are construction cranes erected?Remove the top of the standard section and the pin shaft of the rotary base.Open the operating lever on the jacket.The supporting claw climb stepping out with a standard section.

   How are construction cranes erected?Start hydraulic pump station. By using the hydraulic principle, the cylinder is raised. That the tower is mainly rely on the tower to connect the hydraulic cylinder on the set of the frame, the cylinder is filled with hydraulic oil. The middle is a hydraulic cylinder, a piston, two ends of the oil pipe, connected to the pressure can be applied to the motor. When it is going to rise, the motor will be hydraulic oil through the oil pipe through a certain pressure.Pressing the hydraulic cylinder, the column will be up.

   How are construction cranes erected?Please introduce the standard section into the package, using high strength bolts to connect. Such a standard section is added to the tower, the tower crane is increased.

   In fact, the increase of crane is realized by a lifting device.The jacking device mainly comprises a jacking sleeve frame, a lifting beam and hung up his boots, hydraulic system, the introduction of the car and the introduction of beam and other components.

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