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General drilling program for land drilling rig jobs

Jan 28, 2016

General drilling program for land drilling rig jobs---objective

The purpose of this manual is :to define the basic operating procedures for the AGIP company's land drilling rig jobs.This manual is published to help operators avoid errors in the land drilling rig jobs,in order to minimize the risk of all personnel and equipment; in addition;In addition, it also avoids that due to the low quality of the work and led to a large number of AGIP company's waste.I hope the practice manual can guide the operator to carry out effective and economic.The operating procedures here are considered to be the best practices for AGIP companies, and the implementation of these operations may exceed those requirements if the conditions, regulations, or procedures for the third party contractors are required.  General drilling program for land drilling rig jobs---Management and approval

 The best practice in this manual is very important for the control of daily operations. Without approval, it can not be violated. It is possible to change the program only after careful consideration when it is realized that there may be anomalies. When the specific circumstances may require lower standards, and in so doing may increase the risk factor; or are likely to exceed the standard and the resulting increase in costs and program changes to the drilling and completion manager or its designated the written approval of authorized person. At the same time, it should be in writing to the regional management department and the ARPO headquarters for advice and advice.

   General drilling program for land drilling rig jobs---Update, correction and control

   This manual can look for a "live" can control the file, and it should be improved and perfected.As a result, it is responsible for all the applications of this manual to understand the relevant policies and procedures.Local improvement or improvement shall be subject to the written consent of the drilling and completion manager, and shall be subject to written consultation and advice from the local area management department and the ARPO department. The local improvement or improvement must be notified in writing to the AGIP company's drilling and completion Standards Department.

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