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Do you know what is suction dredger?

Jan 28, 2016

   What is suction dredger?Suction dredger is a type of blowing suction.It sucked into the mud by the hull rake head at both sides or the rear.It works in the way of dredging and dredging. It uses the mud rake fertilizsr, ship design sediment tank, tank volume said the size of the ship.

   Suction dredger is equipped with a rake head mining large self-propelled dredger, loading equipment and hydraulic suction device. Dredging, the suction pipe down at the bottom of the river, using the vacuum of mud pump, through rake head and suction tube from the bottom absorbent slurry into the hopper dredger mud barn, mud Mancang, rake sailed to the silt thrown area open door dumping, or directly to dig up dirt exclusion overboard. Some dredger can also be unloaded in mud mud to suck out reclaimed. It has good navigation performance, can be self-propelled and self-contained, dump, and at work in navigation state, the positioning device. It is suitable for the non cover, the narrow coastal entrance channel excavation and maintenance, with the highest efficiency of silt excavation.

   Suction dredger has a single rake or a pair of rake,they are respectively arranged on the ship or on both sides.Suction dredger is flexible, the efficiency is high, the wind wave resisting force is strong, it is suitable in the coastal ports, wide river and anchorage of ships operation. In the big waves and no cover the coastal and estuarine areas, we should choose self propelled trailing suction hopper dredger. It is suitable for the soil which is loose and less than the hardness.

   Working principle:suction dredger is basically a boat from the seabed dredging,its dredging method is similar with the vacuum cleaner.The ship is equipped with one or several sets of centrifugal pumps,it uses a centrifugal pump to suck water and mud from the bottom of the ocean and discharge them into the mud tanks of the ship.These operations are performed on the voyage,flight while digging,after the mud tank is full,it towards the silt thrown area to mud,it mud cases out of the bilge door.Ship, we are with a rake ceiling ship mud cabin capacity to indicated in the specifications of size, class in general capacity of 500 ~ 1000m3. minimum of the rake ceiling ship capable of constructing in depth about 3 conditions. Maximum trailing suction dredge depth can reach 3 to more than 35. The trailing suction hopper dredger belongs to ships, in waves of considerable sea dredge, sailing and dumping. 

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