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Do you know how are cranes built?

Jan 28, 2016

Do you know how are cranes built?Well, after you read this ,you will understand how are cranes built. 

When we mention the topic :how are cranes built ,the principle is very simple, no matter how high ,the installation method  is the same.The following are the explanation about how are cranes built. Installed base, this is very simple, cars hanging pedestal will be hoisted into place and then connect bolts and ground . Lifting Climbing: Please note: the standard section shape and size is larger than the standard section . Please also note: Climbing  installed a hydraulic cylinder, and its role is to climb to the top of the rise; 3.after installed the climbing, the hanging arm with a crane hoisting in at the top of the Climbing Festival. 4 crane will be installed, with the hydraulic cylinder to climb up on top, make the Climbing Festival middle empty stomach. Then, with a crane crane own a section of standard section before moving on to their Climbing Festival on the platform outside. 5. The standard section wil be sent to climbing of the stomach, the workers will put the plug into the standard section with the following standard economizes the bolt connection; 6. Bolt connection,you  start the hydraulic cylinder, Climbing(together with hanging arm) to the top of the rise, Climbing Festival stomach was empty. Then, repeat the procedure on the other standard section, with the top of the section, up to the top, up to a high level of satisfaction. 7 remove,the above steps will be in turn. "Crane" crane".

In the basement of the construction will be installed, when the general mobile crane hoisting, a section of a combination of. In the tower inside, equipped with a hydraulic jack, to climb in the future. When building a layer to the upper cover, height has to touch the crane,then we will climb to work. Then crane engineers will be fixed tower crane with a screw loose, operate the jack, the crane elevated about a meter, the tower is fixed on the structural body of the building, and then shrink from Jack and the bottom is fixed on the structure, then loosen the upper part of the screw and support jack, to rise by a meter, so that repeated operation, extending and retracting and to the required height, the tower is indeed fixed.

When building completion to crane dismantled, with tower crane to a small cranes to lift the roof, then, is Jack contraction will tower crane fell to the roof, is then decomposed into several pieces, with a small crane hanging down, the small crane is decomposed into smaller components, take the elevator down.

The crane after removal, to the original installation according to the structure of tower crane body up.so, it becomes long.So,now,do you how are cranes built?

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