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Why Chinese dredger meaning is significant?

Jan 27, 2016

 [In the "national interest" bimonthly website on August 12, article] title: South China Sea and beyond: why Chinese dredger meaning is significant?

   Why Chinese dredger meaning is significant?China dredging fleet develop tools for the country's "Swiss Army Knife" type of infrastructure.these tools are pushing the country in the South China Sea dispute reclamation made island activities.

   Why Chinese dredger meaning is significant?China's Maritime Silk Road strategy and related economic and foreign policy,it is ready to push the country's huge demand by dredging, port construction and waterway widening way.It attached belongs to a more macro model:Using the macro economic, industrial and technological development to promote clear, however, it is also evolving geopolitical goals, this goal is to protect the interests of the South China Sea in the eyes of China, and promote the maritime Silk Road plan.

   Why Chinese dredger meaning is significant?At the forty-eighth ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting held recently in Kuala Lumpur, the South China Sea Island of the island has become a hot issue of land reclamation activities. In the communique issued after the meeting, the ASEAN clearly the South China Sea Island activities included in the sea.

   Why Chinese dredger meaning is significant?The controversial issue of reclamation has intensified tensions between China and its neighbors and the United States.Although China has correctly pointed out that he was not only in the Spratly Islands (i.e., Nansha Islands I -- - note this newspaper) reclamation made island country,but the land fill up shows what is invincible.Vietnam spent 5 years to build 60 acres(1 acre $0.004 square kilometers, - note this newspaper),Malaysia has used more than 30 years to build 60 acres.China is far ahead of them, in fact, in the past 18 months, he has filled nearly 3000 acres.

   These "islands" is not only the construction of Beijing whim.They must use the construction of a large dredge fleet, in more than 10 years ago, these ships are not there.

   From the beginning of 2001, China's intention to expand and improve the poor dredge fleet, both to meet the domestic to deeper waterway and port of the growing demand,it also ensures that there is a space for one person in the rapid development of the global market of dredger. Through this investment, China successfully allow themselves to be in the world's power of dredging capacity.

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