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What is shelves?

Jan 27, 2016

Ask you a very stupid question,do you know what is shelves?In our place, it refers to the instruments that people use to put books.The morphology and structure of it is different, it has a Book lattice, bookcase, bookcase, and other names. It's a common tool in our life.

   What is shelves?What is its classification?

   The bookshelf in the library can be divided into metal and wooden shelves according to the material. The metal shelf which can be subdivided into single column, double column type, multilayer bookshelf, compact stacks and sliding bookshelf.

   What is shelves?---Single column type

   The so-called single column type bookshelf is refers to both sides to single column metal Guanxi withstand level to each partition on the book weight, length of each shelf is 90cm. It can used alone can also be continued arrangement. In general, the shelf height is above 200cm, the top colleges will tie coherence, to ensure safety.

   What is shelves?---Double column type

   It refers to the bookshelf on both sides, each with more than two pillars, under the horizontal baffle load transfer book. However, in order to promote the appearance, the two sides and the top of the double column type bookshelf are specially designed for the metal.Multilayer bookshelf: stacks inside, in order to make full use of limited space collection of a large number of books, the application of steel material, durable characteristics for multilayer bookshelf provides book display, is a kind of good method. However, countries regarding the specifications of the bookshelf each with its provisions, like the multilayer bookshelf each layer is the clear height of 2280mm, each divided into 5 to 7 segment; and Britain and other European countries, clear height of each layer is adopted for 2250mm, partition of single width is 200mm,the pillar width is 50mm.

   What is shelves?---Sliding and dense shelves

   The slide type dense bookshelf can be divided into two types, manual and electric. Two specially fixed, bookshelves by base guide rail, guide sliding, but effective use of limited space collection of a large number of books are one of the methods.


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