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Types of shopping trolleys uk

Jan 27, 2016

 In daily operation, the supermarket is very large flow of people, especially in the holidays and weekends during this period of time, when we are shopping in the supermarket, we must not be less of a shopping trolleys uk.So, I do not know if you have noticed the style and function of shopping trolleys uk.Next, I will introduce it to you.

   Types of shopping trolleys uk 1:Red standard type.

   With the development of social progress,many products are more humane in the design,supermarket trolley is no exception,in the domestic supermarket trolleys are fashionable and stylish, it has diverse changes, it is conventional European, American, German, sub type. And with the mall design. It also for Carrefour, Wal Mart, RT mart, Tesco and other a series of supermarket trolley styles.

   The style design of the supermarket trolley belongs to the domestic regular supermarket trolley style.Its seat space is wide, it is suitable for weight in 15Kg of the child to use.The supermarket trolley is equipped with a safety dunk link, effectively prevent the basket separation.The design of plastic is used in the position of the arm,which has a comfortable handle.In additioTn,The bottom of the basket the herringbone shape, the bearing force is better, and it has strong stability, let us in the supermarket shopping easy and quick,which allows us to shop in the supermarket becomes easy and fast.

   Types of shopping trolleys uk 2:Black compact type.

   With the continuous development of the supermarket in the world,in the design of supermarket cart,many supermarkets pay more attention to the use of performance, to meet the needs of customers, thereby increasing the customer's impression of the supermarket, the sales of the products in large extent promotion, then the supermarket trolleys in the picture is a from South Korea style design, spray the Japanese technology.

  Types of shopping trolleys uk 3:Vertical stainless steel.

   Now, there aretoo many design styles for supermarket trolleys,in order to increase the comfort of customers, a small number of supermarkets to install a small supermarket cart in the supermarket trolley, so that it can greatly reduce the sense of the supermarket.


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