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Notice about baby sit in shopping trolleys south afric

Jan 27, 2016

We must pay attention to check the quality of shopping trolleys south africa,in particular, the quality of the baby seat parts,checking the structure of the shopping trolleys south africa、bearing capacity, the car's flexibility, tilt and so on, to ensure that the car is safe and then let the child do shopping cart seat.Baby seat space is suitable for their own baby,if the space of shopping trolleys south africa seat is narrow and small,but the child 's body is partial fat,the children are easy to be clamped;If the space is too large, the child is relatively young,it doesn't have the function of safety protection. 

   Don't put the child in the shopping basket,it avoids the risk of children's own activities when adults are shopping.

   Do not allow children to stand in the shopping trolleys south africa,especially the big kids,when pulling shopping cart or baby in the event, it is easy to cause that the child's center of gravity is not stable,so that it is the risk of falling, and even turned out from the shopping trolleys south africa.

   Do not let the baby with their fingers, toes to buckle the gap in the shopping trolleys south africa,to prevent the baby from being stuck in the hands, toes or scratched by the metal.

   When the baby sit in the shopping trolleys south africa,we should always remind the baby put his hands on the arm of the chest,and do not put hands on both sides of the shopping cart,which prevent the baby's hand was coming and going shopping cart rub injury.
   When a shopping cart in the side back and forth, to always pay attention to the child's hands and feet, to prevent the child does not pay attention to activities, hand and foot by crossing the shopping cart clip to.
   Do not let your baby to use their own hands to grab the goods, especially the relatively high, relatively messy shopping, to prevent the baby to grab things and things on the shelves fell hit the baby.

   Don't let your baby pushing shopping trolleys south africa, the baby's height is limited,because they can't see ahead,it is very easy to hit people and knock things down.

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