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Management rule of retail checkout counters

Jan 27, 2016

 1, the non cash desk staff may not enter the retail checkout counters! (except on duty personnel at night).

   2, in duty, the cashier can not be free to leave the retail checkout counters,they should concentrate on doing their own work,it does not allow any other person to do. Otherwise, once the error,it is the sole responsibility of the cashier on duty.

   3, to the employee handbook as the criterion, please consciously abide by all the rules and regulations in the shop.

   4, please in strict accordance with the provisions in uniform, keep individual appearance neat and easy.

   5,The transfer of personnel class, they have to sign the handover procedures,which shall prevail,it is sure to do detailed accounts at a glance.When the cashier shift,they must be "up and down, not in the next". Must be the cash, invoices, reserve funds, office supplies, and other accounts of the transfer of all clear, otherwise, the consequences of conceit. Before work, you must carefully check the retail checkout counters, clean up all the items,if there is dereliction of duty will be fined for handling.

   6,The worker who workes at retail checkout counters can not misappropriate or borrow business models,private use shall not be allowed to borrow money from the retail checkout counters.If it is badly needed,it must be reported to the store manager for approval.

   7,In the process of collection, the cashier to do the following points: fast, accurate and well received, no leakage, for all banknotes must verify that the authenticity, signing customers must let check the guest signature.

   8, Take good care of the business section, the payment within the specified time, to ensure the safety of business models.

   9,For the work assigned by the supervisor, the cashier should be timely and effective to complete and give the superior reply.

   10,After the completion of the work,the cashier must discharge the menu in order, and prepare the income daily.They should be according to the checkout single full fill in a single payment, according to the different form to fill in, namely, cash, long, losses, credit card and other, each fill a to the financial accounts. 

   Except this management rule of retail checkout counters,there are a lot of things that need to be noticed.

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